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Lesley Roberts, Cotswolds Fitness, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire 

Phone: 07769 651060  Email: lesley@cotswoldsfitness.com


PILATES emphasises good postural alignment, core and back strength and muscle balance.   Pilates will improve your flexibility, increase muscle strength and tone, particularly the abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks. It is also a great way to relieve stress

Pilates exercises are often recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain

Always check with your GP or health practitioner



Beginners/Mixed Ability/Improver/Intermediate

Matwork exercises flow from one to another, and everyone is encouraged to work at their own ability.  Exercises are done standing, lying supine (on your back, lying prone (on your front), kneeling, side lying and seated on the mat



Chair Pilates is all done seated on a chair, without the need to do matwork on the floor, so is ideal for anyone who is not comfortable getting down and up from the floor.  Gentle stretching and controlled exercises build body strength, particularly the Core and Back, in a safe effective way.  Suitable for older adults or those with limited mobility





If you need any advice regarding suitability of Pilates classes, or any further guidance, please contact me, I am always happy to help … Lesley Roberts, Level 3 Pilates Instructor



Wear socks or bare feet and comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in.  You will need to bring a Pilates/Fitness mat with you for matwork classes.  You may also want to bring a head block or small head cushion (optional). Bring a small bottle of water and an additional top layer than can be easily put on/taken off


Abbeyfields Community Centre

Tues 9.30am Beginners, 10.30am Improvers


Winchcombe School Sports Hall

Wed 6pm Improvers/Intermediate


Broadway Youth & Community Centre
NEW starts 11 April 2024

Thurs 10.45am Beginners

Booking essential

Individual & Private Groups also available